Thursday, December 22, 2011

Snow day

What to do on a snow day with a toddler when Daddy is traveling?  No playground, no outside, no errands, no nothing.  We got about a foot of snow last night in the Denver area, and it's still sprinkling out there today.  So, I am trying my best to be as creative as possible for inside activities.  This morning we colored with crayons, played with trucks, watched Elmo and read some books - all before 11 am!

So, to Google I went, and I found a recipe for home made finger paint:

It's more like a paste, but it works well since it doesn't spill.  Ben loved it.  In fact, we did a "yeyow" (yellow) paper, a "boo" (blue) paper, and even a "geen dee" (green tree) for Christmas. : )

Below are some pics.

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