Wednesday, October 26, 2011

Learning and Growing

We are certainly all doing a lot of learning and growing here in Colorado.  I'm learning where the closest grocery store, pharmacy, take out place, playground, etc are, and I'm also learning how long Ben can tolerate things.  Seems that he can take something fun like the playground for about 45 minutes, but we better be out of that grocery store in under 30!

This weekend Chris and I got to go out to dinner in downtown Denver while our new babysitter stayed home with Ben.  It was so nice to get out. So nice in fact that I got WAY overdressed and dolled up because I was so excited just to leave the house!  The food was good and the night out was just what we needed.
Sunday morning we all (Suzy and Ben included) went on a long walk on the trails behind our house.  What a nice way to start the day.

Ben has taken a liking to hiding in cabinets.  He empties them out and then closes himself in.  Most of the time it's OK since I can see the evidence that he has left behind and I know where he is, but...he doesn't like to respond to his name when he thinks it's a game so it can get kind of sticky.  Luckily he's never too far from my side.

Today we had SNOW in Westminster.  Actually, most of Colorado got it worse than we did, but we still had about 6 - 8 inches.  Crazy!  So, our morning and afternoon walks were adventures.  The afternoon was much better, but we still had to bundle up.  Time to get Ben some snow pants and boots!

Things are moving right along here in Colorado.  Meg and Joel come to visit in about 2 weeks, and we are so excited for that!  And pretty soon the holidays will be here, so we'll have plenty to keep us busy.  This weekend uncle Francisco is coming for a visit, we get to see Jay and Melissa, and I think Steph may finally make an appearance.  Good time ahead  ; ) 

Today's snow.  Don't they both look excited to be out?!  Side note: Ben has not taken off his "bracelets" for 3 days...

The view from our front door this morning:

Hiding in the kitchen cabinets:

Date night self photo.  We are so excited to be out!!

This is what happens when Ben and mom collaborate on an outfit:

Ben has definitely mastered going down stairs.  Super awesome to not have to carry him all the time.

He got a real haircut this week!  He got to sit in a fire truck and watch Elmo.  His dream come true!

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